Title: Exploiting the potentialities of solid biomasses in EU Parks (BIOEUPARKS)
Client: Democritus University of Thrace
Capacity: External expert
Period: 07/2013 – 01/2016
Objective: Promotion of the local distribution of biomass originating from sustainable forest management and agricultural residues. The main aim of the project was the development of an effective and viable biomass supply chain in 5 European Natural Parks, through the promotion of local, small scale, supply & heating systems, as well as CHP plants. It also entailed the elaboration of the methodology for the joint confrontation of potential social conflicts in the case of major structural changes which could affect the life, health and future of the next generations of the local community. Finally, the project aspired to transfer know-how to representatives of other Natural Parks which would reinforce its impact beyond the issues that it directly addressed.
Deliverables: Report for the assessment of the information – awareness campaign effect among target (WP2)

Report on the discussions of round tables (WP2)

Inputs for the joint guidelines for the development of the supply chain and its adaptation to local conditions (WP3)

Agreement for cooperation between local agents on pilot implementation of the supply chain (WP3)

Final monitoring report on the permanent operation of the supply chain (WP3)

Final regulation plan for the local supply chain (WP3)

BIOEUPARKS guidelines (WP4)

Publication of Training and Informative material (WP4)

Report on the results of the training and dissemination activities (WP4)

Services: Participation in project meetings