Forest delimitation

Title: Delimitation of the region Vogoroditsa based on historic data and field surveying for the Holy Monastery of Pantokratoros, Athos Peninsula
Client: Holy Monastery of Pantokratoras
Capacity: Contractor (100%)
Period: 11/2011 – 07/ 2012
Objective: Skete delimitation proposal based on a relevant delimitation document from the year 1861, pair of orthophotos from the year 1945 and Digital Elevation Model of Athos Peninsula, to investigate the possible positions of the area from where the Skete and the sea are simultaneously visible.
Deliverables: Delimitation technical report

Maps for delimitation proposal, land use, visibility analysis, etc.

Services: Investigation of alternative delimitations

Proposal and topographical survey of definitive boundaries

Orthophoto interpretation for land use mapping

Indexes: 12.6ha Forest area

2km Forest perimeter