Title: Compilation of Forest Maps for the District of Serres, Region of Central Macedonia; former Municipalities of: Neochori, Eptamili and Lefkonas
Capacity: Contractor (100%)
Period: 09/2013 – 06/2016
Objective: The purpose of the study was the creation of forests maps for three former municipalities of the District of Serres in the Region of Central Macedonia, in the framework of the land registration process to create national cadaster. These former municipalities are Neochori, Eptamili and Lefkonas which are adjacent to the municipality of Serres. The development of Forest Maps involves the delineation and recording of forests and forestlands that fall under the protective provisions of Greek forest legislation.
Deliverables: Digital orthophoto mapsheets

Limit lines of historical orthophotomap (Year: 1945)

Limit lines of new orthophotomap (Year: 2007)

Forest map

Services: Composition/ Production of cartographic base maps and map legends

Delimitation of land uses based on interpretation of historic orthophotos

Delimitation of land uses based on interpretation of recent orthophotos

Administrative acts survey

Forest map compilation

Indexes: 3 former municipalities 4,250ha total area

90 administrative acts

Development of generation and validation tools for AutoCAD map sheets, according to the specifications of the NCMA

Development of ArcGIS platform applications for automating the compilation of forest maps and data export to AutoCAD

Development of ArcGIS platform applications as Add-in Toolbars for editing, checking and correcting cartographic and descriptive data in Forest Cadastre studies.