Biological control of the chestnut blight disease

Title: Biological control of the chestnut blight disease of 17 Hellenic Districts.
Client: Ministry of Rural Development and Food \ National  Agricultural   Research  Foundation (NAGREF)
Capacity: Contractor (100%)
Period: 05/2006 – 09/2006
Objective: The chestnut blight is a disease caused by the fungus Cryphonectria parasitica which causes necrosis to chestnut, either cultivated or not. The study included the inventory of infestation in coppice managed chestnut forests, the biological control planning and the proposal of silvicultural measures for limiting the disease and rehabilitating the degraded ecosystems.
Deliverables: Biological control plan (general & specific for each district)

Geospatial database

Maps production (general orientation & specific stand depiction)

Safety & Health plan

Tender documents

Services: Coordination & technical support of the project

Associated Studies\ tasks: Tree inoculation

Indexes: 7 Administrative regions – 17 Regional units (former Prefectures)

inoculations in an area of 1,937ha