Title: Implementation and evaluation of ground and aerial telematic methods for the detection – announcement – monitoring of forest fires – SITHON
Client: General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT)\ National  Agricultural   Research  Foundation (NAGREF) – Forest Research Institute of Thessaloniki (FRI)
Capacity: External expert
Period: 7/2003 – 6/2006
Objective: The project aimed to reduce the time until the detection and approach of a forest fire by the fire department. SITHON consists of a fully wireless system of terrestrial imagery, a digital thermal imaging sensor and a geodatabase which provides the operating center the data required for the timely detection, the reduction of the decision making time and the first response time for each forest fire. The project utilizes both terrestrial and airborne technologies.
Deliverables: Completed  sample plot description sheets for wood fuel estimation

Forest Map of Sithonia

Services: Digitization of historical orthophotomaps (Year: 1980) Scale 1 : 20000

Collection and analysis of field data for the structure of plant communities and the assessment of wood biomass

Implementation of a controlled fires experiment in order to test the detection – announcement – monitoring system

Indexes: 50 sampling plots

Digitization area of 43,155ha