Title: Elaboration of action plans & transfer of good practices, study, review, supervision and dissemination of good practices in the framework of the project INTERREG IVc: 0998C3 EUROPEAN FOREST FIRE NETWORKS (EUFOFINET)
Client: Regional Development Fund of North Aegean
Capacity: Contractor (100%)
Period: 5/2012 – 12/2012
Objective: The project for capitalizing good practices EUFOFINET aimed to strengthen the role of Local Administration on the field of forest fires risk prevention and forest protection, through the transfer of existing good practices in the fields of:

–          intervention on starting fires

–          activation of the local societies and the proper utilization of the terrestrial means (human resources and equipment)

–          utilization of new technologies and telematics in the specific field

–          restoration of fire-stricken areas

Deliverables: Four (4) action plans:

–          GP1: Intervention – Strategies

–          GP3.2: Prevention

–          GP4: Cartography

–          GP5: Restoration

Two (2) good practice transfer documents:

GP1: Intervention – Strategies & GP5: Restoration

Services: Participation in project workshops

Participation in project meetings regarding the progress and implementation of the project