EIA for Restoration – landscaping

Title: Environmental Impact Assessment for the restoration – landscaping plan for an old waste disposal site in the region of Nea Roda, Municipality of Stageira – Akanthos, Chalkidiki District
Client: Municipality of Stageira – Akanthos
Capacity: Contractor (100%)
Period: 09/2003 – 01/2004
Objective: Environmental impact assessment for an old waste disposal site through measures which will upgrade and embellish the area so that it can be used as a rest – recreational area.

Site restoration plan : aim, tasks, technique, biogas management, species selection for planting and determination of the planting specifications

Deliverables: Environmental impact assessment

Restoration – landscaping study (category 25)

Workers’ Safety & Health plan

Tender documents for the restoration works

Services: Analysis of the current conditions, environmental impact assessment
Indexes: Area 2ha