EIA for road construction

Title: Environmental Impact Assessment for the construction of the forest road “Milos – Gavanoudi” length 9+564km in the Monasterial Forest of the Holy Monastery of Grigoriou
Client: Holy Monastery of Grigoriou
Capacity: Contractor (100%)
Period: 2003
Objective: Environmental impact assessment for the construction of the forest road and its engineering structures in selected locations of the road. The project’s main purpose was the fire protection of the Monasterial forest and buildings and to shield them from future risks of forest fires.
Deliverables: Preliminary Environmental Assessment and Evaluation

Environmental Impact Assessment

Photos & maps annex

Services: Analysis of the current conditions, evaluation of alternative solutions, environmental impact assessment, proposal of counter measures to address the impacts

Accompanying studies/works: Technical study amendment, Project supervision and project cost determination based on finished works

Indexes: Road length 9+564 km

18 engineering structures (Gutters, culverts, bridges)