EIA for dam and hydroelectric station

Title: Environmental Impact Assessment for the Construction of a dam and hydroelectric station in the region of the Holy Monastery Iviron, Mount Athos
Client: Holy Monastery of Iviron
Capacity: Contractor (100%)
Period: 03/2006 – 12/2006
Objective: Environmental impact assessment for the construction of a dam and the accompanying facilities in the area of Holy Monastery of Iviron, Athos Peninsula in the bed of the Ladopotamos stream, for electricity production, fire safety needs and irrigation of an area of 8ha.
Deliverables: Environmental Impact Assessment

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Services: Analysis of the current conditions, evaluation of alternative solutions, environmental impact assessment, proposal of counter measures to address the impacts
Indexes: Earth fill dam,  height 27m, crest’s length 65m, base width 120m and crest’s width 5m

Total reservoir capacity 505.000m³