Crisis management in Mount Athos

Title: Study for the improvement of the anti-fire protection efficiency and crisis management competence in the Peninsula of Athos
Client:Holy Community of Mount Athos
Capacity:Contractor (100%)
Period:9/2008 – 5/2010
Objective:The high percentage of forest cover in the study area, combined with the massive natural disasters in recent years, makes forest fires one of the most direct hazards to it. The scope of the study was related to the fire protection of Mount Athos by improving the efficiency of existing infrastructure in conjunction with the entry of new technology for the direct and rational management of crisis. The existing conditions were assessed and measures were proposed to improve the fire protection efficiency and crisis management capabilities in the Athos Peninsula.
Deliverables:Study for road signs & infrastructure for the support of the decision making process  

Geodatabase development of the topographic & infrastructures basemaps


Road signs map and determination of dimensions and content of each one

Workers’ Safety & Health plan
Services: Participation in meetings with the competent bodies  
Digitization of the study area road and path network
Indexes:SAC GR1270003 «Chersonisos Athos»  

1,074km of road and paths