Chelmos – Vouraikos Management Plan

Title:Management Plan for the protected area of the management body of Chelmos – Vouraikos
Client:Forestry Coordination and Inspection Directorate of the Decentralized Administration of Peloponnese West Greece & Ionio – Management body of Chelmos – Vouraikos
Capacity:Contractor (100%)  of the Environmental Study
Period:04/2015 – 07/2015
Objective:The general purpose of the plan was the sustainable management and effective biodiversity conservation, as a precious, irreplaceable and of great importance national capital. It aimed to link the productive process and other human activities to the protected elements and to create an appropriate legislative framework for their coexistence. The study set general and specific targets and objectives to achieve the vision and long-term objectives for the management plan implementation period.
Deliverables:Evaluation of the protected elements of the area
SWOT analysis on which management objectives were based

Description and detailed planning of projects / actions to achieve the objectives

Maps creation

JMD for the approval of the Management Plan
Services:Study coordination
Indexes:SCI «Oros Chelmos kai Ydata Stygos», code GR2320002 area 17,653ha.  

SCI «Farangi Vouraikou», code GR2320003 area 2,167ha.

SCI « Aisthitiko Dasos Kalavryton», code GR2320004 area 6,113ha

SCI «Spilaio Kastrion », code GR2320009 area 307ha.

SPA «Oros Chelmos (Aroania) – Farangi Vouraikou kai Periochi Kalavryton», code GR2320013 area 32,169.19ha.