Specialized Environmental Study of Mount Athos

Title:Specialized Environmental Study for the Athos Peninsula – NATURA SCI GR1270003
Client:Holy Community of Mount Athos/ Business Architects Consultancy A.E.
Objective:The main objective of the study was to list the management measures that will result in the conservation of the protected area (Mount Athos), including all its biotic and non-biotic components. A model compatible with the maintenance of environment, local economic and social development was promoted through the study. The elaboration of the study was based on law 1650/1986 (Article 21 paragraph 1) as a prerequisite for establishing the importance of the protected area and the objectives of the proposed protection measures.
Deliverables:Analysis and elaboration of the chapters of the study relating to the natural environment and its evaluation (except fauna), determination of the boundaries of the various protection zones and proposal of the management measures necessary for each one  

Production of thematic maps
Services:Scientific coordination of the project
Indexes: 34,020ha total area, 93% forest
1453 plant species and sub-species

173 bird species

41 species of mammals