Birds Monitoring in Greece

Title:Monitoring and Evaluation of the conservation status of Community Interest bird species in Greece
Client:Ministry of Environment and Energy / Contractor: Fasoulas F. – Mantzios N. Co – Konstantinidou Rodoula – Tzakopoulos and CIE Co
Period:04/2014 – 12/2015
Objective:Inventory, monitoring and evaluation of the conservation status of all bird species included in Annex I of the 2009/147/EU Directive, as well as migratory species that may be SPA qualifying birds, in Natura 2000 network SPAs, which are not within the jurisdiction of any Management Body and also in areas of national territory except SPA, which host species of Community interest.
Deliverables:Web application for the management and analysis of field and literature data regarding bird species (
Services:Administrative and Technical Management of the Project  

Web application development, back up and technical support

Technical Support for the production of all the deliverables of the project

Participation in the elaboration of technical reports
Indexes:162 Special Protected Areas (SPAs) of the NATURA

2000 Network  

320 bird species