The company has elaborated many studies for forest management, cultivation and biological control of tree diseases. It has also carried out specialized sampling works to estimate the growing stock, biomass and fuel, thus accumulating extended experience in the field of forest management.

Examples include:

  • Management plan for the Forest of the Grigoriou Monastery of Mount Athos (2011)
  • “Management act” programme to improve forest management organization (2010)
  • Biological control of the chestnut blight disease in 17 Hellenic Districts (2006). The period 1998 – 2013 the company implemented studies and works for biological control of chestnut blight in Prefectures of Greece and participated in the implementation of the project Integrated plan for the biological control of the chestnut blight disease and for the management of the new situation in the area of Maramures, N. Romania under the Scientific and Technological Cooperation between Greece and Romania.
  • DESURVEY. Supervisory System for Assessment and Monitoring of Desertification (2005 – 2007)
  • Protection and management plan for the state forest complex of Achladohori – Aggistro – Sidirokastro – Subcontractor of  Atalay Consult GmbH (2004)
  • Pilot Management of black pine forests under the programme «LIFE99NAT/GR/006498: Implementation of Management Plans in Gramos and Rodopi Areas, Greece – Pilot Management of black pine forests» from which arised the version: K. Kontos. & Gkatzogiannis S. 2001. Black Pine forest products harvesting plan from the bsections (clusters) 6a and 5c of the pilot area “Sgourou” N. Grammou. Thessaloniki. ARKTOUROS, HOMEOTECH, NAGREF (independent edition)
  • GEORANGE. Using remote sensing instruments in the assessment and sustainable management of Mediterranean ecosystems (2002 – 2003)
  • Database system development for forest management (2001)
  • REDMED. Degraded Mediterranean island ecosystems restoration using custom planting material (1998 – 2001)