Management of Monasterial forest of Grigoriou

Title:Management plan for the Forest of the Grigoriou Monastery of Mount Athos for the period 2012-2021
Client:Holy Monastery of Grigoriou of Mount Athos
Capacity:Contractor (100%)
Period:06/2011 – 12/2011
Objective:Management study elaboration that includes the description and evaluation of the current conditions, determining cultivation measures in order to achieve the management goals and suggestions to achieve productivity maintenance in perpetuity (sustainability principle), water economy strengthening, biodiversity conservation in the region and allowing development of economic activities.
Deliverables:Forest management study  

Inventory forms & map of the habitat types

Detailed flora list

Sampling plots forms

Annual logging tables

Chestnut volume table

Management & topographic map

Map of the existing & proposed infrastructures

Safety & Health plan
Services:Elaboration of management study & proposals for improvements – investments  

Digital management map creation – new stand delimitation based on recent technical and topographic data

Timber capital inventory based on mean trunk analysis

Habitat types mapping of the monasterial forest based on EU Directives

Habitat types database development
Indexes:Area of 577.96ha