Kopatsinos Interventions’ Network

Title:Integrated interventions network for the development of the natural and cultural heritage in the area of the river Kopatsinos, municipality of Visaltia, District of Serres
Client:Municipality of Visaltia
Capacity:Contractor (100% forest, greening and environmental studies)
Period:05/2007 – 11/2009
Objective:The objective of the study was to plan an integrated network of interventions in order to sustainably exploit the natural & cultural heritage of the area, through organizing recreation sites for activities such as hiking, sports, etc and  infrastructures for environmental education. The proposal aimed to protect the area, retain and improve its ecological value and promote the environmental awareness of the visitors of the project area
Deliverables:Forest study (road construction & recreation)  

Greening study

Environmental terms approval study

Stream delimitation technical report

Engineering drawings – Maps

Workers’ Safety & Health plan

Tender documents
Services:Project team coordination
Quality assurance of the deliverables
Indexes:90ha Intervention area