LIFE03NAT Agras Wetland

Title:LIFE03NAT/GR/000092: Implementation of management measures at the Agras wetland. (2004 – 2005)
Client:National  Agricultural  Research  Foundation (NAGREF)
Capacity:External expert
Period:06/2004 – 03/2005
Objective:Study elaboration for the installation/ rehabilitation of the riparian vegetation in the core of Agras –Vrytta -Nisi wetland. The specifications of the study were established based on two components: the improvement of the habitat for significant birds in the area, and the specifications issued by the two co-competent Ministries of Agriculture and Public Works.
Deliverables:Preliminary study for the rehabilitation of the riparian vegetation of Agras wetland  

Final wetland study

Bill of quantities – Budget – Rate analysis

Maps production
Services:Forest nursery, field and office works to prepare riparian vegetation rehabilitation in Agras wetland.