LIFE07NAT Pindos/ Grevena

Title:LIFE07 NAT/GR/000291 Demonstration of Conservation Actions for Ursus arctos* and habitat type 9530* in Northern Pindos N.P., Grevena Prefecture, Greece
Client:Prefecture of Grevena
Capacity:External expert
Period:08/2009 – 01/2010
Objective:The objective of the programme was to improve priority black pine (Pinus nigra) forest habitat in the Pindos National Park, through sustainable and innovative management practices, and to improve the conservation status of brown bear in this habitat. Specific objectives also included the improvement of the technical know-how of local authorities in relation to the monitoring and management tools for the conservation of brown bear and its habitats.
Deliverables:Technical report of Action Α3. Marking and inventory of Black Pine clusters for pilot management & inventory maps of the clusters’ sampling plots  

Technical report of Action Α7. Data collection for the food resources of the bear (along roads, and in partially forested areas of Rubus, Prunus, etc)

Technical report of Action Α10. Survey on Ursus arctos habitat quality in terms of natural food resources
Services:Cartographic data analysis and field maps production  
Pilot clusters choice, sampling plots network installation, sampling plots inventory and maps production

Field data edit and conclusions
Indexes:60ha of Black Pine forest (Action Α3)  

32,000 m2  sampling area for data collection for the food resources of the bear (Action Α7)

Providence for vaccinations in 16.60ha (500 plants) and planting in area of 18.10ha (Action Α10) to increase food resources of the bear