Management of mountain pastures

Title:Mountain pastures management study for the municipality of Philippi, Kavala Prefecture
Client:Municipality of Philippi
Capacity:Contractor (100%)
Period:11/2008 – 03/2009
Objective:Elaboration of an integrated management plan for the pastures & rangelands of the municipality, based on the principles of sustainable spatial grazing and organization of the rangelands into range & pasture units.
Deliverables:Mountain pastures management study  

Flora lists of rangeland subtypes

Workers’ Safety & Health plan

Rangeland types and subtypes maps
Services:Rangeland vegetation samplings & pasture stocking rate assessment for each sampling  plot  

Inventory and mapping of existing infrastructures

Categorization of rangeland types and subtypes

Pastures stocking rate calculation
Indexes:15,100ha of rangelands and pastures