nfo-Day for the Life GrIn project in the Municipality of Amaroussion

The 1st Info Day, in the frame of the project LIFE GrIn Promoting urban integration of GReen INfrastructure to improve climate governance in cities (LIFE17GIC_GR_000029) took place in the Municipality of Amaroussion, on Friday 01-03-2019.

The meeting was welcomed by the Mayor of Amaroussion and President of Central Union of Municipalities of Greece Mr. George Patoulis.

Furthermore Mr. Georgios Protopapas, on behalf of the LIFE Greek Task ForceNational Focal Point, addressed the presentation, analyzing the dimensions of the LIFE Program, more generally in Greece and more specifically in Attica, while highlighting the importance of this program for the urban fabric. The meeting was also attended by the Director-General of Agricultural Research of ELGO-DIMITRA Dr Eirini Pittara.

Subsequently, speeches were delivered by Service Agents, Researchers and Scientific Associates on Urban Green and adaptation of cities to climate change, focusing on the rational management, conservation and protection of urban green and biodiversity, as well as environmental awareness of citizens.

All the papers were interesting, of a high scientific level, and they attracted the attention of the attendees, while many questions and positions were made, in which both the speakers and the executives of the Municipality of Amaroussion responded, while recording the proposals of the public.

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