Seih Sou forest road network measurement

Title:Field survey of the road network within the Seih Sou peri-urban forest of Thessaloniki, 58+490Km
Client:Forest Service of Thessaloniki/ L. Stylianidis – Christophoros Kairidis Sons Co.
Period:06/2009 – 07/2011
Objective:Project cost determination based on completed works for the anti-fire forest roads network of the peri-urban forest of Thessaloniki. The main objective was to improve the capability of immediate suppression of forest fires.
Deliverables:Technical drawings for every roads after projects completion (Horizontal alignment, Vertical alignment, line sections)  

Tables with final quantities of earthworks per road
Services: Topographic survey of roads final layout & characteristics  

Initial and final roads layout & characteristics comparison

Calculation of earthworks quantities (excavations & fillings)
Indexes:18 anti-fire forest roads 58km total length