Forest engineering

Water network of H.M. Xenofontos

Title: Survey of water transport and storage network of Xenofontos Holy Monastery forest. Client: Xenofontos Holy Monastery Capacity: Contractor (100%) Period: 12/2015 – 04/2016 Objective: Topographic survey and detailed recording of the technical characteristics of the water transport and storage […]

Forest delimitation

Title: Delimitation of the region Vogoroditsa based on historic data and field surveying for the Holy Monastery of Pantokratoros, Athos Peninsula Client: Holy Monastery of Pantokratoras Capacity: Contractor (100%) Period: 11/2011 – 07/ 2012 Objective: Skete delimitation proposal based on […]

Technical works

This category includes studies and / or the supervision of technical projects designed to protect and develop forests and restore disturbed areas. The company’s most important projects in this area include the following: Reconstruction – efficiency improvement study for the […]

Forest engineering

This section includes all the studies, works and projects implemented by the company that fall under the following categories: Forest roads construction Fire protection infrastructures Forest maps Cadastre Topographic surveying Restoration Landscaping & greening projects Recreation Technical works Forest maps […]