Forest fires

Water network of H.M. Xenofontos

Title: Survey of water transport and storage network of Xenofontos Holy Monastery forest. Client: Xenofontos Holy Monastery Capacity: Contractor (100%) Period: 12/2015 – 04/2016 Objective: Topographic survey and detailed recording of the technical characteristics of the water transport and storage […]


Title: Elaboration of action plans & transfer of good practices, study, review, supervision and dissemination of good practices in the framework of the project INTERREG IVc: 0998C3 EUROPEAN FOREST FIRE NETWORKS (EUFOFINET) Client: Regional Development Fund of North Aegean Capacity: […]


Title: Implementation and evaluation of ground and aerial telematic methods for the detection – announcement – monitoring of forest fires – SITHON Client: General Secretariat for Research and Technology (GSRT)\ National  Agricultural   Research  Foundation (NAGREF) – Forest Research Institute of […]

Fire protection

The Company has participated in the implementation of the following projects related to prevention, simulation of behaviour and suppression of forest fires: European network for forest fire prevention and suppression. INTERREG IVc: 0998C3 European Forest Fire Networks – EUFOFINET (2012) […]