Technical & Financial consulting

The company provides consultancy and support services in technical, administrative and financial issues related to the management of the natural environment. Specifically, as a consultant of the Forest Board of Mount Athos HOMEOTECH was responsible for:

  • Review and validation of forestry studies regarding projects in Mount Athos, examining their completeness and compliance with the technical specifications
  • Construction feasibility consultation, considering the location of the project (ownership, land use, etc.), the necessity of the project and its possible impact on the natural environment
  • Consultancy services for all matters of interest for the Forest Board of Mount Athos
  • Cost analysis for the production of chestnut timber in Mount Athos
  • Elaboration of field reports and land classification for proposed photovoltaic sites in 25 important establishments of Mount Athos.

As consultant of the Holy Monastery of Iviron Mount Athos, the company has analysed the revenue based on management scenarios of the Dabiz monasterial forest and has calculated the amount of compensation for expropriation 937,466.92 sq.m. of the aforementioned forest for the extractive process needs of the company Hellas Gold SA in “Skouries” area.

The company has also elaborated many technical reports on photo interpretation, afforestation, expropriation, etc.