Technical Works

HOMEOTECH undertakes technical works including topographic surveys, project supervision and measurement of works, afforestation, chestnut trees cultivation and preparation of technical reports on forest and farmland.

Topographic surveys

The company undertakes topographic surveys of forest technical works (forest roads, engineering structures, etc.) and land delimitation, as part of studies as well as individual works.

Fieldworks are carried out using differential GPS Thales, total station PENTAX Autofocus Total Station or rangefinder – gradiometer – Laser altimeter and compass.

The software used for correction, post-processing and data outputs visualization include GNSS Solutions Thales Navigation, Softree – Surveying – Engineering Software, DASO 4.0 Program of Forest Roads and AutoCad.

Project supervision & project cost determination based on finished works

The company undertakes the supervision or/and measurement of project works. They mostly include forest roads and small-scale technical works such as culverts and fire protection reservoirs. During project supervision, their progress is monitored regularly and a detailed log is kept, which is accompanied by photographs and measurements of works and materials. The works include topographic survey of the final state of the project, comparing it to the intended study and calculate the quantities of materials used and of earthworks which have arisen. The company draws up detailed project cost determination based on finished works. According to this the actual expenditure of the contractor is certified.

Specialized forest sampling works

HOMEOTECH carries out specialized works such as complete sampling plot census with altimetry and breast height diameter measurement of all trees in order to study cluster structure and estimate growing stock, biomass and forest fuel.

Specialized works for cultivating forest species

The professional activity of the company also includes specialized works for the cultivation of chestnut trees in Greece. Specifically, the company performs soil suitability assessment for the cultivation of chestnut trees and vaccinations to biologically control chestnut blight.