Title:Delimitation of the river-bed of the stream “Megalo Rema” in the region of Aghios Panteleimonas, Municipality of Visaltia, District of Serres
Client:Municipality of Nigrita
Capacity:Contractor (100%)
Period:03/2010 – 01/2011
Objective:Delimitation of the lower part of the mountainous river bed of  «Megalo Rema (Gkouliamaraka)», which includes the following works:  

i) Estimation of the Q100 flood flow
ii) Detailed topographic survey of the area
iii) Hydraulic data analysis and flow type determination of each selected cross section
iv) Proposal of necessary works (excavation or other) to mitigate flood supply within the bed
v) Drawing of the flood line on the topographic base map of the area
vi) Determination of the delimitation line of the stream
Deliverables:Technical report of the works  

Topographic study of the project

Horizontal alignment and cross sections drawing

Bill of quantities - Budget – Rate analysis of earthworks in order to attenuate flood supply
Services:Topographic survey  

Hydraulic calculations (maximum water supply and determination of delimitation line)

Production of technical drawings
Indexes:Topographic survey 10ha (1km stream length & buffer zone width 100m)  

Hydraulic analysis of 44 cross sections