Title:Creation of an Integrated Model System for Governance in Urban Forestry Management and for Adapting Cities to Climate Change (URBAN.FOR.MA.S.)
Client:Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs, General Secretariat for Research and Technology
Capacity:Contractor – Project coordinator
Period:12/2012 – 10/2015
Objective:The project goal was to create a pilot system for the governance and decision-making in urban forestry by means of a holistic and consistent approach. The concept of holistic lies in the examination of all needs and problems of urban green spaces as a whole through co-assessing as many anthropogenic and other factors, each bearing different weighted value. The notion of consistent takes the form of dealing with problems and needs of similar nature in a uniform, to the extent feasible, way, regardless of the person called to make the decision and manage the situation.
Deliverables:Feasibility Study  

Criteria and indicators implementation guide

Strategic plan technical guidelines

Software development

Strategic plan

GreenTree Android Client & Server user manuals
Services:Project coordination  

Urban green inventory in tree rows and median strips

Specialized Software Development for Urban Green Spaces Management & Facilitation of Decision-making (GreenTree Android Client & Server)

Training of the inventory crews’ members

Construction and technical support of an online tree inventory database