Projects Showcase

Here you can find some of the most important projects undertaken by our company in its main areas of expertise:

Environmental monitoring

This category includes environmental programmes and studies that focus on the protection and management of species and habitat types of community and national interest, both within and outside protected areas of Natura 2000 network.

Forest management

It is forestry’s cornerstone and includes all works and studies appertain to forest ecosystems management and protection, excluding the construction of engineering structures.

Forest engineering

It represents the technical aspect of forestry, including the construction of technical structures, compilation of forest maps, cadastre and topographic surveys in the framework of forest ecosystems management and protection.

Sustainability & Climate change

The concept of sustainability has expanded to all the functions – services of the forest sector, including its importance as a carbon sink to mitigate the effects of climate change. The activities of the company incorporate studies and projects for the sustainable development and exploitation of natural resources, either in natural or urban environments.

Consultancy services & Technical support

The company provides consulting services to private and public entities on primary sector investment plans, as well as technical and financial support on issues related to the protection & management of forests and the environment in general.