Since 2002, we have been a private company specializing in studies, service provision, and support in the field of environmental management. We develop and offer solutions intended for both public and private entities, local authorities, and educational and research institutions.

With different approaches and customized services, we aim to meet the needs and expectations of each client group with efficiency and reliability.

A key element of our success is our well-trained and specialized team members, who develop their skills through continuous training and education. Additionally, we invest in state-of-the-art equipment, ensuring the use of advanced modern solutions to support our services

Our company operates in multiple fields, extensively covering the area of ecosystem, environmental, and sustainable development. Our services include consulting and the preparation of various studies, with an emphasis on forestry and environmental studies. We also actively participate in the writing and implementation of national and European programs, offering our expertise in relevant fields.

Our activities extend to GIS applications and mapping, as well as software development, providing advanced technological solutions for environmental monitoring and management.

Our commitment to high-quality services is guaranteed by the certification of Quality Management Systems we possess, enhancing our clients trust in our reliability and professional approach.