HOMEOTECH develops customized and specialized software applications since 2013. The original purpose was to facilitate data entry and organization of a large volume of field data collected for various projects.

Specifically, the company implemented the analysis, architecture and design of data management applications to meet the needs of each contract. Since then it undertakes similar works for public and private entities.

The development team of the applications attaches importance to ensuring that the products are:

  • Secure with an emphasis on data integrity
  • User friendly
  • Adapted to individual needs

The need for entering, organizing and managing a large number of field data, collected from numerous specialized collaborators necessitates applications that allow simultaneous online or network access of multiple users.

The company successfully develops network applications for data management either for its own use, as part of projects it undertakes, or as commercial products for its clients. The entry forms contain tooltips, which provide information to users for the proper completion of any field. More information about projects already implemented by our company can be found below:

The company also develops client – server applications to record, organize and analyze environmental field data. These applications are accompanied by detailed user manuals and online help.