HOMEOTECH was originally founded as a consulting company, providing technical support in environmental management. This continuing activity addresses public and private bodies (universities, local authorities, businesses, private forest owners, etc.) in relation to the following services:

Primary sector investment plans

The company undertakes the planning and implementationof investment plans in forestry or agriculture. It monitors and selects the appropriate financial instruments for each client and initially prepares funding applications–datasheets and establishes their supporting files. After approval, the company monitors the implementation of the investment and manages the certification of the related costs in order to complete the project successfully.

The company is also registered in the Partner Register of Piraeus Bank for elaborating investment plans in the primary sector for the period 2014-2020.

Technical & Economical consultancy

Consultancy to public and private bodies on environment and forest issues, like the technical – administrative support, is an important activity of the company. Consultancy includes proposals for natural resources exploitation, evaluation of projects potential impacts or activities in specific areas, economic assessment of the total value of forests, determination of the timber production cost estimation method, etc. The company also provides guidance on the steps required to handle issues such as land designations by the forest service or construction of technical infrastructures by undertaking the preparation of technical reports mainly for individuals. Such reports refer to orthophoto interpretation, afforestation, expropriations, etc. and where appropriate require autopsy and topographic survey of the areas of interest.