HOMEOTECH has expert staff and years of experience in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) applications. GIS capabilities are utilized by the company in all the projects it undertakes, either studies or environmental programmes.

The works implemented by our company include:

  • Geospatial data mapping & geographic databases development
  • Geospatial data management & analysis
  • Production of thematic maps (forest, management, topography, geology, infrastructure, etc.)
  • GIS tools design & development

The data mapped mostly include discrimination of vegetation forms based on orthophoto interpretation and field autopsy, GPS data, digitization of analogue maps, etc. Each vector file created is accompanied by descriptive information and metadata related to the origin of the spatial entities depicted.

Geospatial data analysis and thematic maps production are also an integral part of all studies (forest, environmental or greening) carried out by the company and of all scientific programmes the company is involved in.

Moreover, the company designs and develops GIS tools for the automation of complex tasks, in order to save time and ensure the quality of its products.